Brine Cured Table Olives

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Hand picked, grown and made at Broombee and of course Certified Organic, our delicious table olives are cured for over 12 months in rain water and sea salt. We use the varieties Manzanillo and Kalamata (Greek variety), as they are full of flavour and have a fantastic amount of flesh.

When the bitterness has left the olive we sort through them by hand and bottle in 350g net glass jars in a mixture of sterilized rain water and sea salt.

We take the upmost care to provide a delectable olive, which is full of flavour, firm, moist and appealing to the eye.

Our Black Kalamata won Bronze at the 2010 Mudgee Fine Food Show and our Green Manzanillo won Silver at the 2011 Mudgee Fine Food Show and have featured in several fine food functions.